I, like you, get demotivated from time to time. We want to do so many things and time go fast!. So this is one of the videos I have on my list to remind me that when we want to do great things, people will always get in our way!

One Response to “When I need MOTIVATION!”

  1. When I get demotivated, or just tired, I make myself see myself in my hammock on my lake house in Maine.

    Relaxing in my hammock with my favorite book, the box fan blowing on me, listening to the loons call to each other…

    Sometimes I am not reading, but have turned all the lights off so I can see the fireflies dancing, never failing to wonder if my Irish ancestors maybe had it right, that fireflies are faeries in disguise.

    This vision always helps me get back on top, back to a state of motivation because the only way I will get there is to WIN.

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