Are the keys to success that hard to find?

Success…..that word that can awake so many feelings at the same time….

for some will be a little smile, for other a sense of frustration. The smile will probably come from the guy that has paid the price and now it’s enjoying it…yes, the success…and the frustration might me for the one that never really looked for it, just lived his life “hoping” he will be “too” successful, now he acknowledges that it was not like that, never was…..Success comes from hard work and an iron kind commitment , no wonder that watching TV 4 hours a day never got him anywhere….well, so…

If you had the keys, would you use them? The keys to success I mean…..because, you see…not everyone will make the effort…even if you are given the keys in your hand….weird how we humans are, we can’t even recognize when something good comes into our life, when a door opens and invite us to a new, a better way….we might be too busy watching tv!

Just in case you are one of those persons that are READY to get action, this are the keys….

1) What do you want?

Uh? you do know right? what do YOU want from life? not your family, not your boss, not what “society” says you should want. I repeat:

What do YOU want? “Wow!”, that’s what I tough the first time I read that question. I didn’t KNEW what I wanted!. I had to stand up and walk around a few minutes that became 2 hours before I really could write my Goals in life and the WHY of those goals!. It was possible that for the 40 first years of my life I just “wondered around”? just doing what I have always do without really thinking what I wanted really?  Think about it; if you don’t know what you want  you don’t have a sure direction, and you won’t go anywhere.

2) How much you want it?

Ok, so now I had my goals….were I going to say “those are good goals”, and go and turn on the TV? Is that fool or what? Sure it is but that is what most people would do , why? Because it doesn’t HURT. It doesn’t hurt to not work on your happiness one more day, but after years and years of the same you will see the result of doing nothing….and it’s not pretty. Are you waiting for life to HURT? or are you going to avoid the pain and work on your life now?

3) How are you going to do it?

Now you know WHAT and WHY, now comes the part where a lot of people will stop looking. the HOW.

The HOW to do it depends of the WHAT, right? Is your WHAT to be a really good father and husband? There is a way for doing that …Do you want to be a good friend, one people can depend on for wisdom and support? Sure, there is way to become that….Do you want to be a provider for your family without sacrificing the time you spend with them? Sure, don’t we all want that?, but HOW!?. That’s the big question. And you will find plenty of people willing to take advantage of your need, believe me, I’ve been there.

Let me give you some wont’ come without effort (nothing that is worthy comes easy), and it will take time, but it will work. Now, it’s not just about the work, it’s about what you BECOME. You see, i read somewhere that too reach a certain level of success you have to change inside, become better, it’s not just about the money, it’s about what YOU are.

So, how BAD do you want to change? I’m not sure yet about the correct ways to become a better husband or father, it’s a work in progress, but as per the money part I’m doing something that will give you the HOW, not tricks, no BS,  and probably is not the only way to have the freedom you want …’s just one way that works for me.

Check it out here, the HOW

PD: I’ve been working on this, my WHAT, WHY and HOW, and finally getting WHERE I want to go. Join me!

oh, this is the link again just in case, any questions, let me know! LINK AGAIN


Alberto Jose Rodriguez



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  1. First key to success in my mind is finding the strength to make the decision to never quit.

    Once you do that you are assured of finding all the other keys.

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