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naplesWelcome to my blog! My name is Alberto Jose Rodriguez, and live in Coral Gables, FL with my dog Niño (Boy in English), he is one of those Taco Bells dogs, little but loud! The reason I made this blog is to share my journey I’m taking in building my home based business, mostly focusing in the network marketing industry (or multi-level marketing). I will share the strategies and tools that are working for me so you can take them an start making money as soon as possible too.

A little background….

I was born in Spain, and when I was about 8 years old my parents went back to live in Ecuador (from where my father is from originally). I remember him always telling us to study, and practice as everything else will come into place if we do that. And I saw how he “walked the talk” daily in his job as a Doctor.

1991…the real world

Meanwhile I went through high school and then through University, where I started working since my 2nd year. So I worked and study at the same time, not because I really needed the money, but because I had big dream, this was in the years when the Internet was starting to be known (yes, I was blown up by the 28.8 kbps modem, for those who know what I mean). I worked crazy hours, and then studied at the same time,  I saw how my bosses had freedom and I wanted to reach that level. The company was acquired and we grow really fast, becoming the third largest Internet Service Provider in Ecuador. More work ant long nights…but not more money.

I graduated university with a degree in Computer Science with a degree in Information Systems and 10+ years of experience, it didn’t showed in my salary though, the new company didn’t really believe in letting their employees think and improve so the new boss was more a “paper company” manager, so I quit the company and “opened my wings” to go to USA.

USA, the “american dream” and looking for a better future, the only difference is I didn’t have to work until 10 pm, but until 5 pm, and you won’t get robbed as often as in Ecuador, and I really worked and still work, but you know how it is. I’ve been working selling Ophthalmic Equipment and applying what I know about Internet marketing to grow the companies I went through but, like everybody, I wanted the freedom.

In all those years I tried to make a buck on the Internet, I ended following a few gurus and doing their systems, always looking for a shortcut to “money and fame”, but let me tell you a secret: There is no secret, just hard work! :) That’s Free!

So in January  2013 I joined a Network Marketing company and dedicated every second I had to it , at the same time I became healthier and fitter with their products, and want to really start helping people. They had the top recruiters earning more that $15,000 a month, so I knew if they could do it, I can do it.

In September 2013 I had some progress, but not like the tops and I was really putting work into it. That’s when I decided to research what they were doing and it was not what I was doing! (duh), so I got deeper and found myself going back to the basics, now the future looks brighter!

The network marketing industry is a really opportunity for ANYONE to make a real income, but you it has a step learning curve and to work on your personal development. This blog is dedicated to provide the tools and know how to those who are willing to put the work!

I hope you value this blog as much as I do and that it will be a loyal resource in your network marketing journey. Check my posts and leave your comments and questions, and subscribe to my newsletter to stay connected.

God bless you,

Alberto Jose Rodriguez



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  1. Hi Alberto – great to see we’re at a similar level :)

    Just read this page so far – about to investigate the rest of your site!

    Can you put me on your list please – I’d love to keep in contact with you :)



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